Unfortunately due to a lack of participation, the Hamilton Fundraiser scheduled for Friday August 26th has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. Please visit Christian Deaf Ministry and Sign Language Translators (expressionsofemmanuel.com) for more information about the Hamiltons and to learn how you can help.

The Creative Arts Center will still be hosting an online auction from August 25th – August 30th and will be sharing a portion of the proceeds with the Hamilton family. Auction website link HERE.

Any members or artists of our community that would like to contribute an item to this auction would be greatly appreciated! For more information, please contact us by email or at 903-640-2196.


Creative Arts Center Hosts Community Fundraiser Dinner and Online Auction for Vonda & Steve Hamilton!

Join us at the Creative Arts Center located at 200 W. 5th St. Bonham, TX on Friday August 26th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm for a special fundraiser dinner and live performances to benefit an outstanding family in our community, Vonda & Steve Hamilton! Proceeds from this event will help to supplement both Vonda & Steve’s medical treatment and care. Tickets are available to purchase for $30 each, and donations are greatly appreciated. Former students Alyssa Roberts, Selah Burnett Massey, and Angie Young will perform signed songs during our fundraiser dinner, and we will also be graced with performances by members of the Hamilton Family. The Creative Arts Center will be hosting an online auction from August 25th – August 30th and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Hamilton Family. More information regarding the auction as well as the fundraiser dinner can be found at the Creative Arts Center, 903-640-2196.

Vonda and Steve Hamilton dedicate their lives to missionary work: “Expressions of Emmanuel is a Christian Deaf ministry organization that strives to bring the Word of God to the Deaf community. There are approximately 250 million Deaf people in the world. Only two percent of the world’s Deaf population are Christians. Our mission is to take action to reach the Deaf population with the Word of God.” More information about the Hamilton’s missionary work can be found on their website, Christian Deaf Ministry and Sign Language Translators (expressionsofemmanuel.com)